Tuesday, 5 July 2011


... and so on and so forth.

The only point to this post is to direct you to something oddly addictive, fascinating and awesome.

Well, two things actually.

The first, is this. It is the Drowning Horse Song. Daisy and I were singing it all lunch yesterday, cause we're that cool.

And the second can be found here. Tis the Nyan cat. Non stop. I've been listening to it for around 700 seconds now. Don't know how many minutes that is, but still. I recommend it. ;)


Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Blair Witch project - possibly the shittiest scary movie in the world....

...Well, okay, that's a little harsh, especially because I've not actually seen every scary movie in the world, but you get my drift.

Cause today (Thursday) most of my teachers were striking, we didn't have to go school. As a result, I slept over at my best friend Daisy's house, and we had a brilliant time.

(I just had to add this in! That's Lola, the dog, and Daisy, the weirdo, both sniffing my face. Oooh, we do have some fun times~)

Anyways, seeing as we're rather strange and enjoy scaring the living hell out of ourselves, we decided to get some scary movies and watch them. The final decisions were "The Blair Witch Project", "The Devil", "Paranormal Activity" and "Paranormal Activity 2".

In the end, we didn't have enough time to watch the last one. We kind of ran out of time... but we did watch the other three!

Because it was the one that had the most mixed reviews, we decided to start with the Blair Witch. The Talkative One (aka Laura, aka the strange girl in my profile picture next to me) watched it a couple of weeks ago and told us that it was appallingly bad. We decided to watch and judge for ourselves.

We so should not have bothered.

The thing that really gets me, if we're honest, is how her hair, throughout the entire movie, stayed wonderfully immaculate and neat, and also how there never seemed to be any mud on her face or hands. I have spent quite a lot of my childhood hiking through woods, and no one ever comes out of there looking like they should be in a photo shoot.

Especially not if they're supposedly being chased by a witch.

Well, alright, I'm glad we watched it, even if it's only so I can say I've seen it. And it wasn't so bad we wanted to turn it off half way through. There just seemed to be too much walking and complaining and shouting for my liking, and not enough seeing them getting spooked.

(Also, and this is genuine interest, what did she find in that bundle? You know, just after Josh goes missing and they find the twigs all tied up outside their tent and then she unwraps it (fool) and inside is that thing that looks like a hell of a lot of blood and she starts screaming and hyperventilating? Yeah, that. What is it?)

But the bit in the house was quite creepy. Especially with all the yells coming upstairs and the cuts in the wall and shit.... (Although me & Daisy did ruin it by going "Eh, she needs to do some housework, this Blair Witch!")

So yeah. If you want to get a scary movie - I don't recommend any of the ones up there. I'm really easy to scare and even I was fine watching them.

Pffft, fail.

(Mind you, Blair Witch would be scary if you believed it was real. But I don't, and therefore it isn't.)


Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Just a little something I've been meaning to add for a while ;)

Bethan and I drew it out last week in Maths, and I only just remembered that I'd been planning to do it properly.

Well, there's no real point to this.

Awkwardsauce, anyone?


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Procrastination - you're looking at it.

D'you wanna know what I should be doing right now?

History homework.

And I really CAN'T BE ARSED.

Don't get me wrong, I love History. I'm taking it next year. But this project?


Well, I suppose parts of it are interesting, but right now, it's near the bottom of my list of things to do.

Like, this is sort of what my relationship with my History book is at the moment:

So I'm just like:

And because it's a school book and it's boringly sensible and annoying [like my brother] it retaliates with:

So I'm all:

Because, you know, Facebook can't talk and all :'))

Mind you, History books can't talk either, so while we're there...

Never mind.

I just wanted to procrastinate for a little longer. And guess what?



Thursday, 12 May 2011

I think I live next door to a freak.

So, right, here's a little story of what happened a few days ago. I've even illustrated it! Aren't you lucky~ [[Please excuse the bad drawings, btw. I was on the phone at the time >3>]]

Here is me:

I don't actually look like that. I just have a thing against drawing myself and... never mind. >w>

Right, so that's me. And this, is my next door neighbour Louise:

Okay, okay, she doesn't look like that either. I don't even know if that's her eye colour. I just went for grey cause grey eyes creep me out. D: [[no offence to anyone who has grey eyes out there...]]

Okay, so this story takes place in my bedroom. ..No, not like that! Get your mind out of the gutter. -.-

Now, my bedroom has two windows. One is at the end opposite the door, above my bed, and the other is next to my desk [[aka, right in front of me now.]] So the one next to my desk has a view a little something like this...:

Yeah, you can see why I failed technical drawing. :L

But either way, if you look out of my bedroom window, you can see straight into next doors kitchen, and through this little gap with the side door next to it. Anyways, I used to be fascinated by looking through my window into theirs when I was younger, because they were having a lot of building work done and this was all very exciting for an eleven year old.

So I got into the habit of staring from my window into theirs every morning when I opened the blinds. However, sometimes Louise is in the gap and there are a few seconds of awkward eye contact before I chicken out and scurry away.

However, a few mornings ago, something rather creepy took place.

This is me, opening my blinds:

As the caption states, I suspected nothing. I foolishly thought everything would pan out as usual. It didn't.

I stared out the window for a few seconds, taking in the sight of several people from my school waiting across the road for their friends.

Then my eyes casually travelled down to the gap, as per usual, and I saw... this.

It was the strangest thing I have ever seen. There crouched Louise, next to the pile of recycling she keeps in the gap, clutching a box and glaring at me with such ferocity I thought I might die.

Deciding that today I would not run from this, I looked back. [[Trying not to laugh from the strangeness of her position.]]

She stared back at me.

I grew slightly more uncomfortable.

She continued to stare.

By this point the staring match had been happening for about thirty seconds, and I was starting to get a little creeped out. Louise just continued to glare up, and I decided enough was enough.

Victorious that I had cracked first, Louise put the cardboard box on top of the pile, without breaking eye contact, and then walked through the side door, her gaze locked with mine. The second she had closed the door, I started to laugh. She just looked like Golem, clutching the box, rocking slightly. I could almost hear her going "My precious...." over and over in a raspy voice.

One of the strangest things that's happened to me yet.


[[PS. Louise isn't actually that bad, she just doesn't smile. Or talk. Or wave. And she does stare from the kitchen window into my room, which is weirder than me looking into the kitchen. I'm just sayin'.]]

Sunday, 17 April 2011


L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. You got more money than sense my friend~ x3

That song is called Life Goes On, by Noah and The Whale. If you haven't heard it, go listen to it NOW. You can find the song here.

But anyways...

How are you all? You're doing good? That's great. :D

Shockingly enough, so am I! I've been in a good mood for about three weeks now. Why?

Hmm... if I said it had something to do with a boy, would you know what I'm on about~? ;D


Ew, God no, get those thoughts out of your heads, your perverts!

Jesus. People these days. -.-

But anyways, that, coupled with the fact that it's now the Easter holidays [[FUCK YES]] mean that I am in the best mood EVARR.

Well, okay, not EVARR but it's still a pretty good mood.

But, unfortunately, once we go back to school, it's exam week.


That means exams in almost everything. Even Tech. TECH, of all things. Pffft. Honestly.

Yeah, I am so failing these. Like, maths for a start. I cant do maths. AT. ALL. Everyone insists I can [["You're in set 2!"]] but then they shut up upon learning I got 52% in the mock exam.




I mean, I'm supposed to be getting around seventy or eighty! But no. Low fifties.


Plus, I'm sure to fail RS as well, although that's more self-inflicted. Maths, I pay attention in. I just cant do it. RS, I don't pay attention in. It's not that I'm not tolerant of religion, it's just as an Atheist I find it hard to concentrate the second the word 'Religion' or 'God' or 'Jesus' is brought into the conversation. I cant help it! My attention span, if I find the subject dull, is about ten minutes max. But oh well. RS and Geography are unimportant to me. I'm not taking them next year. History, all the way! ;D

But, d'you wanna know something weird? I don't particularly want it to be the holidays. It's only the second day and already I'm thinking 'Urgh... so... bored...' of course, I'm not bored enough to actually do homework, cause that would just increase the boredom, but I've certainly already considered starting the revision. I didn't, cause I found something interesting to do on the internet, but still. It's strange how we spend the whole term time going 'God I wish it was the holidays....' but then once it's the holidays we all think 'Eh... I'm a bit bored now...' Hopefully though, me and Daisy'll be going to Alton Towers next week. BOOOM. ;) and, depending when Sam's back, we might go and see Scre4m. We wanted to see it yesterday but cause he was late we couldn't. D:

And the worst part is, we're not going anywhere. And I mean anywhere. Not even the see relatives. No, I can expect to while away the hours up here in my room, on the laptop and snort!giggling as I look at strange things on the web. [[Do. Not. Ask.]]

Laura's gone to the Canary Islands, Sam's gone to Egypt, and even Joe's going to Cornwall next week! Sheesh. I mean, I get to go to Cornwall [[again]] this July/August, but that's the fourth year in a row we've been to that part of the country. I got my hopes up for France, but in the end mum and dad found a 'nice little cottage' somewhere obscure in the Cornish countryside. God only knows where.

Well, that's enough from me. I'll be off now. I can smell something cooking downstairs, and I'm flipping hungry!

Catch y'all later ;)


Monday, 7 March 2011




Long time no see, hmm~?

Oh, how I would simply adore to tell you about how busy I've been, saving the planet, ending world hunger, and finding time to stroking kittens along the way.

Ahem. Yeah.

Unfortunately, I cant do any of that for a simple reason:


Hoyeah, since you last heard from me, I have been extremely busy doing.... nothing.

Well, this is a bit of a lie, I suppose. I passed my ballet and tap exams, by the way, for those of you wondering, but that is, really, it. Oh sure, I've had school work and the like to do. Plenty of that, believe me. And, I've been doing some painting! Yaaaay!

Painting is actually really fun. [[Always the tone of surprise, when I find something fun..]] course, my only previouis experience has been in primary school, with lots of other obnoxious children my own age scampering around the class room and screaming in my ear. The paper always wrinkled, there was never enough white, and I was shite at drawing.

It's better at home, though. I have been doing watercolours for a while now, but there's only so much you can do with them, and they take ages to dry. Acrylics, however, is what all the cool kids paint with. [[Oh yeah. I'm with it, yo.]] They dry quickly, they're easy to do shadings with, and, I can use them on canvas!

I've done a total of 5 now, and there are two more canvas's somewhere on top of my desk draws. They've all turned out alright, really. 'Specially the sheep. Mum wanted me to draw him. He's cute.

Aside's from painting, there's not been much going on in my life. The guy I like has been smiling at me recently though x3 [[I wont mention his name because I know he's on here somewhere, and there's a chance he may find me. If he does, boy, am I screwed. .____.]]

So yeah. Hannah's life = BORING TO TEH EXTREME.

I could take doing nothing to the Olympics, y'know. I'd win gold. I'm just that good.

Hoyeah. Check me.